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Risaralda, a destination to invest in housing

Bogota, July 18, 2018. - Risaralda is characterized for being one of the departments that is at the environmental vanguard of the country, so here it can be enjoyed the green of nature, the diversity of cultures, a good coffee, the peaks of the snowed and many more things. Therefore, it has become a cozy place to live.

"Investors from different parts of Colombia and abroad claim to be attracted to this department because of the richness of its thermal floors and landscapes, they feel that these lands have a great future for different construction projects, especially housing ones. For this reason, Risaralda today has the 4th position at a national level in real estate investment", says Victor Baza Tafur, Director of Camacol Risaralda.

Pereira and its metropolitan area have also presented significant real estate growth compared to other cities in the country where projects and construction companies Servicios al usuario Report lower sales than those generated here.

"A year in the department of Risaralda move 5,500 housing units (between Pereira and Dosquebradas) which represents that 105 projects of 48 construction companies promote new housing for residential and tourist use", says Victor Baza Tafur.

Currently, the square meter in the department ranges between $2,000,000 and $ $4,000,000 COP in sectors of high revaluation.

This edition of Gran Salon Inmobiliario will have a pavilion called "Risaralda ideal destination" and will have the participation of important builders, who will exhibit projects that combine altitude, nature, modernity, common areas for various lifestyles and services, showing the transformation of the department with the best of its construction offer.

"Visitors to the trade show can find in the pavilion projects of housing, apartments, houses, multifamily and countryside. Gran Salon Inmobiliario becomes a great showcase for the real estate sector in Colombia and the perfect setting for exhibitors to generate new business opportunities", concludes the Director of Camacol Risaralda.

The fair organized by the International Business and Exhibition Center of Bogotá - Corferias in association with La Lonja de Propiedad Raiz de Bogota, expects 26,000 visitors this year, mostly professionals from the sector, businessmen, investors, construction companies, specialized consultants, suppliers and officials of industries that depend on the real estate sector.