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Vacation homes in Florida, a new form of investment in real estate

Bogota, Colombia. July 30 of 2018. – Every day the real estate panorama in Florida grows thanks to its tropical climate, its beaches, the tourist places and the quality of life that allows enjoying the retirement.

According to a Servicios al usuario Report by the Miami Association of Realtors, the real estate market in South Florida has increased in the last year, both in the sales of apartments and family homes as in luxury properties. In addition, foreign investment, which has a strong Latin American presence, also grew throughout 2017. As a sign of this boom, there are residential property sales in Miami-Dade County that grew 5.1 percent in January 2017 to January 2018.

The situation is favorable for buyers since there are low rates and wide options with different forms of credit and benefits. La Rosa Realty is a real estate company that has been selling properties in the residential and commercial area throughout Florida since 2004. They have coverage in cities such as Orlando, Celebration, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Davenport and Saint-Cloud. This company will be at the Gran Salon Inmobiliario 2018, making its projects known and guiding the investors who wish to acquire housing.

"Our main focus is sales of residential homes (new and used). In general, real estate are acquired by individuals or families who wish to reside there, other times by investors seeking to convert them into vacation properties for long-term rentals and, in other cases, there are buyers who want to use them for their own rest on vacation and then rent them when they are not using them. These properties are available to all people who want to invest abroad and capitalize their money. They can buy in cash or they can apply for a bank loan", says Maria Flores, General Manager of La Rosa Realty.

Prices for vacation homes in Florida start at USD$ 300,000 and people can apply for a loan if they have at least 30% for the initial down payment on the property. Houses can be found from 3 to 15 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. The locations are different, many of the homes are close to the Disney, Universal and SeaWorld parks. There are also near the beaches or with access to the lakes for people who have boats.

This company also offers advice to the buyers so that the process is simple and they teach them how they can rent their home online through different platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO.

To invest in Florida, banks look for people with financial capacity, so the buyer must support their bank accounts with documentation and show where their income comes from so that the money with which the purchase will be made is justified.

"Our expectations to participate for the first time in the Gran Salon Inmobiliario are to meet people interested in buying real estate mainly in the Orlando area and at the same time identify some real estate companies recognized in Bogota with which we can make business partnerships in the future. As an added value, we will have in the team an immigration lawyer who will be giving information on all investment visas that people can obtain in the United States through the acquisition of real estate", ends Flores.

Visitors to this edition of the trade show can find interesting offers in new or used holiday homes advised by La Rosa Realty in stand 210 of the second level in hall 6 of Corferias.